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D's 1st book
* Currently, only in Japanese
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D's Brand New 1st Book

The book title of D's 1st book:

The reason why my Instagram got popular, with 2 Million followers

- You can change your life with Instagram -

D's 1st book -

D's 1st book
* Currently, only in Japanese
D's 1st book

A Secret that you can get popular on Instagram inside his book -



D's 1st book

From zero, unknown Instagrammer to 100K, 1M, to over 2M followers on Instagram -

What was the author doing so far till he became a popular Instagtammer, who is invited to fashion shows held by world’s high brands such as ARMANI, PRADA?

All the outstanding ways he did and his thoughts are revealed in his book such as -

- Should not think how to increase the number of your followers,

- Like 800 posts everyday,

- Do not post for domestic users only and do not aim to have 100K followers domestically, but post for both domestic and international users and have 1M followers globally,


​A Japan's top Instagrammer

D is a leading Japanese Instagtammer, a leading Japanese fashion icon, top - tier creator, who has over 2 million followers on his Instagram.

- Ranked 7 among whole Japanese men

- Ranked 1 in the fashion category among whole Japanese men

- Ranked 1 in the travel category among whole Japanese men

D's Instagram -

Total Reach


​Table of contents



​Changing your thought


Expressing your own perspective of the world


Having many people see your posts


Increasing your fans


Attracting all over the world



If you are a foreign publisher, who is interested in publishing D's book in your country, please feel free to contact us.


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